Launched in 2011, The Tāwera Scholarship is offered to Māori completing a bachelor degree in business, management, or commerce. There are up to 30 scholarships of $10,000 each and recipients should exhibit a commitment to the economic development of their people. The Tāwera Scholarship is designed to help address Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trust’s strategic focus on lifting the level of Māori participation in middle and senior management capability in a range of industries, including fisheries. Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trust is concerned to ensure the potential of the Post Treaty Settlement Era is maximised by leveraging capacity and capability building to support greater Māori control and involvement in decision making in Māori industry futures.

The 30 recipients in the Scholarship’s inaugural year, 2011, are listed below with profiles that list the degree completed, institution attended, and iwi of each recipient. Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trust was pleased with the very high calibre of student recipient and wish them all the best in the future. We are confident this group will have significant roles in future Māori economic development.

Please contact Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trust if you would like to make contact with any of the scholarship recipients.

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