The Trust’s strategy has outlined four specific Whāinga (goals) to achieve it’s moemoeā (vision) over the course of the map as presented here.

It is these four Whāinga that sets the navigational chart for the Trust.


Te Whāinga Tuatahi

Future Proof The Next Generations for the 22nd Century

Te Whāinga Tuatahi is the first of the four key cornerstones for the Trusts’ strategy to 2022. This Whāinga places it’s gaze and investment firmly on what the Trust can do to ensure Ngā Uri Whakatupu - Our Next Generations are prepared, ready and at the leading edge of the 22nd Century.

It is this Whāinga that we have designed a multi-dimensional platform for literacy and numeracy. This platform is;

Tahi: Numeracy and literacy programmes directly to Māori Y1-Y8

Rua: Digital literacy Y1 - Y8

Toru: Science and Engineering literacy & numeracy.

Te Whāinga Tuarua

Mentoring and Governance Training For Māori

Te Whāinga Tuarua is the second of the four key cornerstones. Today more than ever we face economic, social and spiritual challenges due to changes in the fabric of our society and economy.

This has created distance for Māori to actively engage in their own kaianga.

Where country towns were thriving communities today face the reality of having had many or their whānau move to cities and larger neighbouring towns. Of particular note is over the passed 30 years Māori have moved overseas in search for better opportunities and ability to apply their skill and knowledge.

Whāinga Tuarua Ngā Ako is how the Trust will work and join with partners to support education pathways for taitamarki in mentoring and governance training.

Tahi: Regional Māori Mentoring Programme

Rua: National Māori Mentoring Programme

Toru: Governance Leadership Design and Training

Te Whāinga Tuatoru

New blue sky horizons through Innovation and Research for Māori Engagement and Growth

Te Whāinga Tuatoru is the third key goal for the Trust. This Whāinga is at the heart of the vision as we prepare the organisation and Māori for the 22nd Century.

The Trust is tasked to invest in “new thinking opportunities in research and development or as it takes the bold step forward of “Ngā Rangi Hou” for Māori development and transformation.
It is here that we ask the BIG questions of “What will our future look like and how can we get there…?”

And the Trust setting aside an Innovation Fund, to support Whānau Development.

Tahi: Develop a “i-Hono” App that allows whānau to connect tools for Māori, Urban, Hapū, Iwi and MIO’

Rua: New Māori Industries in the 22nd Century

Toru: Whānau Development Fund for approved service providers with TPWT to extend service delivery

Wha: Evaluation of Investment Programmes of TPWT over the service periods as contracted

Rima: The business case for Fund Drawdown of $5m

Te Whāinga Tuawha

Transforming the Trust through legislative change

Te Whāinga Tuawha is the final of the four key goals for the Trust. This whāinga is where the Trust has set the sails through the legislative framework of review with its parent body Te Ohu Kaimoana. This review commenced in 2016. Over the next three years the Trust will implement the requirements as set in the new legislation at both the governance and operational levels.

At the Hui a Tau held on 30 March 2017 iwi agreed to support the following:

  1.  that Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trust / Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trustee Limited continue with its directors increased to a maximum of 5 with a quorum of a majority of directors; and

  2. undertaking a process that moves towards a more representative appointing body being developed to appoint directors to Te Pūtea Whakatupu Trustee Limited, such body to include representatives of urban Māori groups (including but not limited to, NUMA and the Schedule 5 Representative Māori Organisations) and Te Ohu Kaimoana, with such being implemented at the next review of Settlement Entities.

Tahi: Governance structure change from 3 Directors to 5

Rua: Operational executive management to implement the strategy.

Toru: Potential entity status change.